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I was doing some reading on this and contacted a local ethanol plant.

Suprisingly, one of their big products is, get this, ANIMAL FOOD!

The ethanol plant creates ethanol, CO2 (sold to beverage companies), and then the leftover "distillers grains" go to feeding animals.

It seems that cows and things can actually digest distillers grains far easier than straight corn. It's like you get to use the corn twice!

If bio-fuels really ARE the thing driving up food prices. (Not the freaking expensive diesel fuel used to ship the average americam meal 2000 miles...) I would imagine that it is from trying to run bio-fuels the same way oil producers do. By treating everything as a "source" instead of a "system".

That is to say, they can see the wood, er boards, but not the forest.

We need to start rethinking how we do everything!!!!
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