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Movie stars aren't the people we need to start driving EV's and hybrids, but due to commonality in the US
Well I think of it in this way.

the Ebox conversion costs 55 thousand dollars. No sensible person with the average salary would go out and spend 55 thousand dollars for the conversion.

But if no one will buy the cars, then how are we supposed to get funding for research when no one can afford to buy them and not take a risk.

if we have people like Hanks who are willing to take the risk (mostly because they don't take a loss of money if they have problems with the car) and will actually drive the car when new risky technology like this comes out, so be it.

I just don't like the ones that buy the car and let it sit for 3 or 4 years, and drive it when they have to go out in public so people will see them driving an "earthfriendly" vehicle.

Yea.. I drive a Jeep and I'm on a fuel economy site, but you just wouldn't understand... "It's a Jeep thing!" *Jeep Wave*

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