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Yet it may not be about the personal cost of a vehicle, but the barrels of foreign oil you don't consume that counts. That's less revenue that makes it into the hands of unsavory folks like Ahmidenijad, and Hugo Chavez.

Ultimately, this money may find its way into the hands of terrorist groups

Ok then lets do something about using this foreign oil. I know; lets put an embargo on this largest oil importer. Lets close all trade with this country, for after all this country gets our money and like you said, we really don't know what they do with it. But wait; maybe we should warn this largest oil importing country to stop this unsavory support of who knows who OR ELSE! And lets lets them know we mean OR ELSE. And if they think they can get a free ride off of our oil dollars, we will use any measure necessary. Only then will this largest oil importing country will feel the rath of the United States. And who you ask is this largest oil importer?,,,,,,,,,,,CANADA, Hm wonder how many guys in power up there are named " Ahmidenijad, and Hugo Chavez."

You won't ever convice anyone to buy a diesel in place of gas, or a hybrid (remmember there is NO disposial system in place for the batteries in them) vehicle untill you make them COST THE SAME Key words are cost. You can tout all the Toyota sucess facts all you want but if they were the know-all high-tech gurus why haven't they done anything in Formula 1? If there is anything that comes from Diesels it will be a hybrid Diesel from europe, not japan. It is they who are years ahead of the curve on this and not the japanese. Incedently Honda is first now working on this trying to catch Audi. Their LeMans wins have proved a lot and that is what has caused the Diesel debate to get stirred up. Only problem is the age old one, cold starting and a price for the masses, not your-we have to do it for the availability of fuel argument. if it will happen thats how it has to happen and the two problems I mentioned have to be resolved. If the Pirus is the answer why isn't every car on the road a Pirus?
"The Stone Age did not come to an end because we had a lack of stones, and the oil age will not come to an end because we have a lack of oil" ; His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani (Saudi Arabia Oil Minister from 1962 to 1986)
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