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Carlo - (can I call you that?) - You make a good point with this, and I'll probably end up reading further into it... However, I must also say, the first person that said "Black is the new gold" Wasn't referring to a fashion statement.

I'm sort of covertly (read: casually) watching the Euro's actions in world economy... I don't believe it's going to be around too much longer.

The value of each currency is therefore based on citizens' perception of their economy, supply and demand for money in general, and how their currency is compared to other countries' currencies.
I find this interesting as well, in it's application to not only money, but trade. If you feel that you have something that is worth far more than it is, and you can CONVINCE the other party (bartering party) that it's worth more than what they have to trade, you control the table, thus putting negotiation in your favor.

The pre-cursor to this, obviously, is believing that your currency is superior, as if you don't believe it, neither will anyone else.

Anyway, we could discuss this all day, but as you noted, we're a little outside the original context of the thread.
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