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A free world exists now if you are willing to drop out of the machine.

I quit charging everything and am now 100% cash only, Paid off all my debts and quit spending money on most useless stuff . I canceled everything not required to live, now my bills are ~$200 a month and I am pretty much free to do what I want.

I work 21 hours a week 32 weeks a year, I don't make a huge amount of money but I make way more than I actually need with my reduced expenses. I have turned down several jobs making 2-4x what I am currently making because it would tie me down to a 40-60 hour a week job with no time off, for no useful gain in my life.

So I say it is pretty easy for a free world to exist if everyone was like this. If everyone would reduce like I have then there would be a lot more resources left over for others so that they could then bring themselves up to a standard they are happy with. But the reality is most people are petty and easily brainwashed into thinking they have to be debt slaves forever and the ultimate goal in life is to buy lots of useless crap that just gets thrown away after a week.

but then again I am just a bit strange I guess in that I would be perfectly happy to give away everything I own and just pack up my bike and take off. The road is calling me and it is pretty hard to resist sometimes...

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