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Originally Posted by basslover911 View Post
I have been wanting to do this but nobody has a diagram for my car.

I think simply putting a switch or cutting the VSS lines would do the job since the cruise control would not get any speed information and maintain the throttle position where you left it.. ??

I'll bet CC box would see no pulses as less-then 1 RPM and drop off line.

I did think about using a 555 clock signal to replace the VSS input.
Since it would be unchanging, it would fool the SS controller into thinking
the speed was remaining very constant.
Therefore, it wouldn't send any correction signals..

But, there could be problems with that idea if the CC box got the idea
to increase speed.. AND THERE WAS NO REAL FEEDBACK!! LOL!
The gismo just might redline your engine in no time..

It might be safer to lock the cable in posistion and switch-out the signals trying to speed up or slow down the ICE..

I think the question is, how does the actuator hold the cable in posistion??
I just don't know enough about vacuum actuators..

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