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Messed up clutch start, possible problem?

Hey all.
So I have been P&Ging the heck out of my current tank, and I think it's really working - I've driven over 70 miles and the needle has barely moved.


I messed up one of my clutch starts. I was moving too slow for the ambient traffic, I was moving at around 30-35mph, stuck it in 4th gear (probably should've been 5th), and tried to start it.

I don't know what happened. When I tried to restart it with the clutch this happened:
I heard the engine catch, but only halfway, and then the oil light flickered, and then the engine light flickered too, then the engine came back on.

And when I started driving again, after a minute or two, I realized my engine idiot light had illuminated itself for my idiot eyes.


And that's without a Scangauge o.O

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