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Originally Posted by almightybmw View Post
What kind of road conditions?
2 lane highway, straight, dry & almost level (11 feet elevation change over 1.6 km / 1 mi.)

Weather: -4C, wind E 9km/h, pressure 103.32 kpa, humidity 68%

The road runs SSW/NNE and can be found here: iroquois ontario - Google Maps

How long at specified speed was needed to obtain the average?
However long it took to drive the 1.6 km between markers (road signs) at the given speed.

There was no traffic in my lane and very little in the oncoming lane. (More than a few runs were done with me being the only car on that stretch of road.) If anyone caught up & overtook me, or if I caught up to another car, I ditched that run and did it again to avoid aero interference.

Don't take this as an insult or negative comment. Just some of us live in places that just don't allow for amazing FE.
That may well be. Depends on what techniques you throw at the geography though.

The purpose of the test was to rule OUT as many variables as possible and present some baseline data.

One thing I couldn't avoid was the wind on this day. I'll post the raw data later that shows this.
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