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So... Don't electric motors typically have two sides to the armature?

What would keep someone from mounting it between the rear hubs of an AWD car, and using a custom drive shaft on each side? I know that bench grinders (not enough power, I know) have dual shafts on them, and I can't see a reason why an armature could not be modded or a custom armature built by a machine shop that would allow for such a mod..

The cool thing is that if it were only used for acceleration assist it would only need little added weight from batteries... it's not like the engine won't be running, and producing power from the same fuel that it would be burning anyway is only logical, or at least using an alternator at idle to load the engine a little bit to help provide that power to reduce weight of batteries, but only using the alternator when the e-motor is working.

Conversely, using an e-motor of good size would limit the actual ICE power needed to keep the vehicle at a constant speed, or even to accelerate, so a smaller gas engine could be used.

Just tossing that other stuff out there, but primarily the idea that you could power the rear hubs of an AWD vehicle quite easily/cheaply (custom CV axles aren't THAT expensive.)
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