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It sounds like something is amiss. Do you have any data for the RR of the new tires? Have you given it the ol' Seafoam treatment lately?

Put ya some straight-thru dual pipes on 'er. That'll do ya up nice, don't ya know.

Knowing your vehicle expertise, I expect that the engine is in good tune. On that transmission, can you force-shift into 2nd? I used to drive E-350s with the same tranny (7.3L IDI -- among 4 or 5 models in the fleet, they all shifted pretty hard and had odd TC lockup behavior -- around the 2-3 shift point).

Regarding the Oxy Sensors, they should last beyond 100K, but the age might be a factor. The output might need a quick scan from the multimeter.

Last inquiry -- do they require emissions testing there? If so, that might be a window into what's going on.


Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
'94 F150 4WD super cab short box 5.0 V8 EFI, E4OD a/t
'06 Silverado 4.8 V8 4sp a/t No mention of cyl deactivation.

They could be quite similar. shows 14/15/18 for the Chev and 12/14/17 Ford.

Yes it has been bitter (waaaay below zero) cold lately. But I haven't used it much lately either. Yoosta figger 18 mpg average when it was a newer truck. Maybe at 108M it's time to replace O2.
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