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I'll have to admit, I'm running 91-octane because it's cheaper too

I still get a bit of pinging at around 6000 RPM / WOT. It's a rare event, but there's an up-hill onramp around here that requires a 2nd gear windout to merge.

I have found that the hotter the engine runs, the better the FE. Advanced timing, blocked rad, 200-210F coolant temps, and 100F+ IATs are a perfect storm for city driving.

Regarding the piston soak -- this actually saved an overheated '93 Chevy K2500 350 V-8. It was nearly seized, but the Seafoam soak saved it.

Plugs -- Hmm. This could be debated. Gap, indexing, temperature and electrode(s) material all play a part in FE. Honestly, I'll have to look up what I did with gap -- perhaps wider. I think I went with the NGK's last tune-up. The wires crapped-out early -- I should've saved the receipt for a free refill.

Curious about the EGR cleanse. I'm sure 140K miles have built-up enough carbon to choke things off a bit in my ride.

Stay warm in SoCal

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