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Originally Posted by akashic View Post
"if it's yellow..." rule.
We already do follow the "if it's yellow" rule. I didn't really want to bring that one up right away.....But since you did...

I have read a book called "Humanure". It is actually a really interesting book on the history of dealing with waste. It also includes plans for building your own "sawdust toilet". Which is certainly a step up from "poop in a bag"

I do agree with the fact that two people showering every day would create more waste-water than a toilet would use. In fact, that's a good thing. It means that every flush would be using recycled water and not need brand-new clean water (which is just more water that we have to pay to haul away)

A recycled shower water system would have some sort of storage tank (maybe 20 gallons?) a filter, a pump to move water to the toilet, and an overflow that would allow shower water to just go out the normal drain-line if the storage tank is full.

If the storage tank always outpaced the toilet, then there wouldn't even need to be a separate water line to feed the toilet if the shower waste-water tank was empty. One less thing needed, thus keeping it all a bit simpler.

As for the MANUAL bucket in the shower method. I have done that a couple of times. When testing the actual flo rate of the shower with a bucket for example. However, it IS a MANUAL way of doing things. I like an automatic way of doing things in that it encourages us to do things right without even thinking. Emptying a bucket is hard work. Forgetting about water use, and STILL getting more bang for my water buck is GENIUS!

I just really like the idea of getting to flush my toilet for free.

A while back, I did do calculations of the washing machine, and found that it would pay for itself in about a year.
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