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Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
Vwbeamer and jamesqf -

I am basically one of the people you detest. On one hand I don't really care about nature; I'm not pining to camp or hike or spend time enjoying it's timeless beauty. On the other hand I recognize the reasons to preserve the environment for you, me, and future generations. From my POV, it is rational to look for *sustainable* solutions to problems. I want problems to be considered in the context of life cycle assessments that lead to cradle to cradle solutions.
I don't think I detest you. Nor do I object at all to those life cycle assessment & cradle to grave solutions. Indeed, I'm quite in favor of them. What I detest are the people who have their own set of... not assumptions, but "facts" that are only true in the alternate reality that exists only inside their heads... that they use as input to the models so as to get them to give the answers they want. GIGO - Garbage In, Garbage Out. The sort of reasoning that makes nuclear power unacceptable, but covering a large part of the open space in the western US with solar mirrors a good green thing.
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