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Might throw some real world driving in as well. Even if very small amounts of hydrogen are produced, here in a place like Los Angeles, where your average speed is usually "stopped" it might be enough to reduce the fuel that is being used at idle. Did the article give any concrete evidence? Nope, but it did introduce the concept of hydrogen to a large audience that is unfamiliar with its possibilities, which I think is very importaint. Our other editor is really into alternative fuels and such, so we're trying to do some more stuff with HHO, but the intent of the original article was to introduce hydrogen as a concept, which means that people who are already familiar with the subject didn't find the answer they were looking for. We're working on it though, and we'll try to do some actual testing here in the near future. I knew us not giving any solid results would open up a can of worms just didn't know how fast those suckers would travel.

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