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Truck Loads & AeroCaps?

Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
While I like aerocaps for the potential fe benefits for pickups, I gotta wonder what the point of driving a pickup around with an aerocap is? Doesn't the cap largely defeat the purpose of driving a truck in the first place?

I suppose truck users with loads that 1) are too much for cars and 2) fit under aerocaps could benefit. I think, realistically, there aren't many in that position. If they don't have such loads perhaps they should be in cars.
As I said on my project - it was also bought because the 2005 Optra Station Wagon only has a 1000 lb towing limit, and the Firefly EV ( ) weighs in at 2000 lbs with smaller group 24 PbA Batteries. So - Why would I want to tow it with a (aerodynamically) dirtier vehicle than required - and - also - this project is in practice for aero designs for larger trucks, cube-vans, and on up!

So - the project is but a stepping stone, and the EV is not so cheap itself, what with searching for and finding and buying instrumentation, battery power controlls and equalizers, and of course - a new set of batteries shortly after buying the car, custom uppostery on it's seats - for a bit of flair, and the required rust removal and whole metal body work and other items to pass the safety after buying it!

And - some people simply prefer pickups for the ride height on the highway - and would not be cought dead in a Mini-van! (Therefore the reasoning that maybe I could make this test it - prove it and replicate it for sale if the demand was there!) Enjoy!

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