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Originally Posted by basslover911 View Post
Well I ended up getting the Kumho Ecsta ASX in 205/50/17.

They seem to last to over 50k regularly, weigh 22 lbs, have a 420 AA A rating, and can be inflated to 51psi

So they are a bit skinnier than my current tires (the ones that came with the car), those were 215's... and those could only be inflated to 42psi; so we will see what the gains are hopefully 1-2mpg's can be possible.
Well, what I said about the 205/45R17's applies to the 205/50R17's, just less so. They are smaller in load carrying capacity than your original tires - even considering the additonal inflation pressure you will be using.

Watch these tires very carefully for signs of bulges. You live in one of those areas that have been identified as problem areas for tire durability!
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