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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
I prefer SUSE myself. It's much easier to set up as a real Linux system, which is what I want - I just can't work effectively in a Windows-like environment. Ubuntu has always seemed like Windoze for those who object to making Bill Gates richer.
Well, until you learn all the commands for every possible action in every possible program, a GUI is a real nice to have. And ubuntu is definitely "real linux". So far I've installed and run Oracle server, jboss, glassfish, eclipse (plus tons of plugins, i.e. spring framework), mysql, and even got party poker working under wine and no noticable resource issues. I've spent enough time at the console to know it is real linux. And the kids can still, in just a few clicks, add music training, chemistry, mathematics, electronics, astronomy or programming software plus tons more. There's a place for text only or headless computers, but not typically in a house.

I think there's room for hardcore geeks to appreciate the gui linux offerings, independent of what MS is doing. Ubuntu is a serious multi-purpose OS AFAIKT, the overhead of the GUI is mostly disk space if you choose to just ignore it, but makes it much more inviting to get started.

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