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Car went belt commando today... prelim. +10%FE

I've been plotting and planning to quit using my serpentine belt for awhile now. Basically since I started looking for a FE toy car - I like the 1.9l engine in my car because the water pump (like many 4cyl cars) is driven by the timing belt, and the engine is a non-interference one so when the timing belt breaks, (I'm pushing it with 160k on this one) I'm just out a few hours, not a motor.

Anywho.... (I like to write)

I installed my fully automatic battery charger and yellow-top Optima (deep cycle) a month ago and have been plugging in nightly. I was going to wait until I got my mpguino dialed in exactly, but I started getting impatient.

I removed my belt today as I left work - it takes about 2 minutes, since I can take it off the alternator and when I release the belt tensioner, it stays in place against the side of the alt. pulley. My serpentine belt spins the power steering, alternator, and air conditioner.
Comparing against my identical commute on Friday, with near identical temperature, I realized a 10% increase. Not as high as I had hoped, but it's only one trial, and it's only going to be better when it's warmer!!

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