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List of aero mods you can do to your vehicle

Note: This thread has more or less been replaced by the master list of 60+ mods.


Feel free to reply with links & examples. I'll update this top post.

Note: some of these mods may make your car less safe and/or illegal (e.g. mirror/wiper deletion). Don't blame us if you do something silly and get caught or crash into a tree in the rain.

- Roof racks (OEM as well as aftermarket)

- mud flaps

- raised wing type rear spoilers

- Side mirror delete (MetroMPG; Peakster's video test)
(with optional inside convex mirror replacement; or for less extreme, install mirror(s) you can fold back)

- Radio antenna

- shaved excrescences (badges, door handles, rain gutters)

- windshield wiper delete (front & rear)
Replacement parts:
- smooth wheel covers

- narrower tires

- upgrade from "bucket" style to aero headlamp assemblies

- swap to a more aerodynamic bumper cover style (Metro)

- fabricate lexan/plastic covers over "bucket" style headlight treatments (Coyote X's Metro)

- grill block (Metro, Dodge Caravan, CRX)

- tire spats, or fully contoured deflectors

- boat-tailing behind tires (Aerocivic)

- belly pan / under tray (1st gen Prius)

- rear wheel skirts (Metro, Civic)

- front wheel skirts (Daihatsu Mira)

- if no front wheel skirts: softened/radiused aft edge of front wheel arches (see: VW 1L car, Solectria Sunrise, Honda Insight, GM EV1)

- ... and/or gap fillers to minimize the space between the exposed tire & wheel arch (see Audi A2, Toyota Prius 2 for examples of cars with mimimal tire/arch gaps)

- reduced ride height - 3 inches is often quoted as optimal (CRX)

- taped/sealed panel gaps (or siliconed & razor cut)

- partial kammback (Metro), or,

- fulll boat tail addition (Aerocivic)

- pickup trucks: partial (rear) tonneau cover at a minimum, full tonneau, or complete aero shell (boattailed cap)

- radical frontal area reduction (e.g. tandem greenhouse)

- decreased (or is it "increased" - you know what I mean) windshield angle (e.g. addition of external clear "visor"), and/or increased hood angle

- increased radii at the front-to-hood & front-to-sides of the vehicle

- front air dam (as low as the lowest underbody components, possibly lower depending on the vehicle)

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