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Originally Posted by rmccomiskie View Post
My Fundamental Logic MPGuino v1.0 has developed a problem. I cannot upload to it. I get this message from Arduino:
Fire off an email to "" for terribly specific advice, but assuming your MPGuino previously worked during uploads:
  • Look for shorts or open connections on the two 1K resistors, the 10K resistor, and the 0.1uF cap beside the 10K. Collectively these are the only analog components related to uploading sketches.
  • Look for loose solder joints on the ATmega's pin 1, pin 2, and pin 3. These (in addition to power and oscillator) are the ATmega168 pins relating to uploads.
  • Look at the FT232 chip. Look at pins one through 5 for any shorts or lifted joints. You can try re-heating individual pins. There are two vias on either side of pin 1, make sure these aren't shorting with any of the FT232 pins (well, the via beside pin 2 actually connects pin 2).
  • Under the FT232 (on the other side) is a group of three vias. Make sure none of these are shorted to each other.

Some other quick tests:
  • When connected? Does windows assign the FTDI chip a virtual COM port?
  • If you upload a generic Arduino sketch calling Serial.print, does the MPGuino's FTDI's com port work? There's a quick sketch in the Arduino IDE's Sketchbook -> Examples -> Communication -> ASCII Table or Spiff's Electronics Notebook: Fading LED default test sketch
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