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I'm not nessicarilly green...I'm a conservationist. I like the environment, I like clean water.
I ecomod to save gas because for the longest time finances were very tight for my wife and I so every extra bit I could squeeze out of my car helped.

I keep doing it because ecomodding is cheaper than performance mods and challenges the engineering side of my brain because these are things I have to come up with on my own specifficaly for my car.

I personaly feel that there is something going on with the environment but the global warming movement tends to show temp trends from the past 20-30 years. Were if you look back to the 30's you will see the similar temp trends and some hotter summers than we have now.

There is also alot of deception in my opinion. Al gore in an inconvinent truth used satelite images of melting polar ice caps that were CGI images from the day after tomorrow.
The WWF has a comercial about polar bears were it shows a parent and baby polar bear on a small chunk of ice. the parent at the end of the commercial jumps off the ice and the comercial leads you to belive that because of us they are leaving the baby behind to die.
However this is a game for polar bears, they ride out on chunks of ice that break off the glaciers. They will get miles out from shore and then jump in the water and swim back to land and its easy for them because their fat keeps them afloat so they just have to kick in the water.

My main thing is that for the global warming side the science is settled. And if you can validly point to some flaws it results in the most angry responses I have ever much for open mindedness.

RFK jr has said that if you disagree with global warming you are a facist and pretty much inline with those who deney the holocaust.

So much for open minded debate.
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