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Exclamation My Fat Baby


-Delivery Duration:
1 hour by myself, 2nd hour with a neighbor we tried to wrestle this thing out of my trunk (put in by a fork lift) then some guy walking down the street said "You guys need help?" and he lifted it out like it was made of paper.
-Delivery Time: 2pm AZ Time
-Delivery Weight: 240 + (bathroom scale on soft ground... the scale is now warped.)
-Original Parent: Crane Forklift Electric Riding Forklift Main Drive Motor, Approx weight of the Forklift w/o batts 3,100lbs

Measured Size:
Weight: 240+ lbs
Case Length: 15 inches
Case Radius: 5.75 to 6 inches
Case Diameter: Approx 12 inches
Spindel: 1+ inches.
Gear Sex: Male

Case Markings:
Bolt Attachments: 4
Sensor? Attachments: 2
Bolt Labels: D1, D2, A1, A2
Sensor Labels: PSL (both) shaped like 2 prong outlets.
10 02 97 (Mfg date?)
Case Label:
Originally Posted by TagLabel
Manufacturer: CROWN Company
Part No: 020347-001
Serial: 5236
Volts: 36/48 DC
Rating: 7.4/9.6KW
Model: W11AB02
Duty: 1Hour
Insulation: Class H
(did i do that right? that's Clucking huge, no?)

So.... is my motor still too small?

I tried a 12v car battery (briefly) with no motion, so i'll check the brushes after evaluations come in from all my friends on the forums.
The electric spark results i got were from connecting A1 to A2 and D1 to D2.
I also don't know if the PSL plugs are for sensors or some type of control interface to actually engage the motor.

Anything you can tell me will be helpful - don't forget, you're trying to help someone with a brain the size of a fowl do an EV. (target vehicle not yet chosen, it looks like I'll have to go with a RWDrive with tons of batt space.)


Cost to me: $60
4? brushes (or maybe it's 8 brushes in 4 pairs?)
4 brush vents (or are the rubber seals missing?)

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