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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
That would be the new xB has the Cd of .32. The older (smaller more boxy) xB is .35. Radiused edges on the front and sides do wonders for aerodynamics.
.35 for the XBox ? Wow !

Almost nothing seems to surprise me anymore with aerodynamics.

Consider that the first generation Focus hatchback, with its' sloped bullet nose, long roof line, and overall clean " look " had a Cd of .36 !!

I would never have guessed that an XBox would out-aero a swoopy looking Focus hatch !

BTW folks, I think it is either Car & Driver or Road & Track that will sometimes print Cd, as well as CdxA figures in their spec sheets when they do road testing. ( I'll try and update this post when I find out )
Strange as it is though, they leave out this information on all but one segment in the magazine. What makes it odd, is that it does not matter the vehicle - for instance they tested some Nissan Armada SUV thingee and had full Cd and Cda figures published, yet they tested a swoopy looking car in the same magazine, but did not have any figures at all.

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