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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
With a harness like this, would it give you all the wires you would need to plug a mpugno or whatever right in to the ECU? if so then buying a pile of them and a pile of the mpg gauges and selling them just for the civic VX... i would buy that, would that work?
A harness like this gives you access to the signals that the mpguino requires (VSS and injector pulse). It would be best to use power and ground from elsewhere (the mpguino should be powered all the time, while the ECU is only powered when the ignition is on).

The extension harness is not only useful for the mpguino, it is also good for tapping into several other useful signals without needing to damage the stock harness such as:
  • Simple engine kill (for EOC) by interrupting Crank Position Sensor signal (allows you to kill the engine without shutting down and rebooting the ECU)
  • Cruise control signals
    • brake switch
    • clutch switch
    • vss
  • Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor for vacuum
  • Temperature sensors
    • water
    • intake air
  • Throttle position sensor
  • Lean Air Fuel sensor (aka wide band O2 sensor) to see when lean burn is active

This harness will work for any OBD1 Honda (as I understand it); I don't know what other brands of car it would work with.

@hummingbird: I don't know enough about the Honda City to help you, unfortunately.
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