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It is pretty funny to me that on a site called ecoMODDER, people seem to complain that no one makes a car that is exactly what they want straight off the lot. I don't say that to sound critical of them, it just seems to me like much of this site is about buying a car and making it get better gas mileage not finding a manufacturer that can make the car we want.

I'm not sure that there is enough demand for the types of cars that many of us would want anyway. Sure we don't feel the need for power locks, power steering, power windows and fast acceleration but, most of the world does and It doesn't make sense for them to offer that kind of vehicle for such a small market.

I know that the new Insight is not the same type of vehicle that the first Insight was but, that doesn't make it less significant or a worse car. Sales numbers pretty much show that most people didn't like the first Insight (I loved it though). However, people seem to want a vehicle like the new Insight and with the Eco-Assist feature, the masses will begin to see that their vehicles can do better than the EPA estimates and see the impact of their bad driving habits. Just because it isn't the car you wanted doesn't mean is is a bad car. Just because it looks like a Prius and is a hybrid like a Prius doesn't mean it is a bad car.

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