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Losing the MISinformation
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Say What???

Originally Posted by Allch Chcar View Post
And where is he fueling his car? 3 minutes is crazy fast. It takes me 15 minutes to fuel up my Ranger at half of the 17.3 gallon capacity(from experience), it takes even longer if the tank is dry (sorry for the duh factor).
Huh? I know we're getting off subject here, but I've never taken more than 5 minutes to fill up the Intrigue. I drive a ton van on occasion, and it has a 35 gallon tank, and I've never taken 15 minutes to fill it up. Does this mean that regulations make for slower fillups in certain states???

Anyway... Christopher Jordan, you just keep ranting on. When I get over my second college-hood (and get a job...), I'm joining the ranks of EV drivers, and hopefully multiple times! Definitely a "Small Efficient Vehicle" for town driving, and well... kick me out if you have to... something with a lot of voltage and short range just for the fun of it... just to help prove that electric vehicles don't have to be slow and boring, you know.

Hey, I can be a Myth-Buster, too!

The brake pedal is my enemy. The brake pedal is my enemy. The brake pedal...
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