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Originally Posted by askewguru View Post
not to hijack the thread..........
a friend of mine had the same problem on almost the same year suburban....
drove him nuts, all sensors checked out ok, etc...........
his problem turned out to be the wrong sized tires............
apparantly the speed sensors on chevys the tire size will screw with stuff......
he went from 10mpg on the highway to almost 18-19 with putting on the stock sized tires........apparantly the last owner wanted "bigger" tires. Then sold it after his mileage went to crap. Check and see.......might be something simple!
245/75R16 The tires are almost shot and I think one is turning into an egg but other then that they are LT tires so pump up to about 50 lbs. I run them pretty hard for better mpg. I notice that just a slight pedal difference seems to be the difference between 11mpg to 22mpg on the makeshift Mileage computer. I havent gotten the CAT off yet.. the darn thing is really stuck and ill have to use the sawsall on it. I really hate that. The Y pipe is kinda garbage too.
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