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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Nice vid. Was that an EV grin?
Nah, musta been a HYBRID grin!

I love how the video ends at the auto parts store.

All my EV trips either end up at the auto parts store or court!

About gearing:

There's two ways you can go with an EV. Gear low and spin the motor fast. This gives you lots of power, but may limit your top speed. I keeps amps down and motors happy.

Gear High - Better top speed, worse acceleration. Pulls more amps, so not as good for your batteries. It also assumes that you are NOT topping out the amps on your controller. If the motor was attached through the transmission, you would actually UPSHIFT to accelerate. The only other thing to watch is pulling away under electric mode from stops uphill!

My motorcycle (with a similar, but brushed, motor) is geared at just over 5:1. It was originally 6:1, which was insane torque (actually spun the back tire by accident!) but not quite the best speed. The 5:1 gearing seems to be a good balance of speed and power on my cycle.
The 5:1 gearing gets me 45 mph.

I believe the Prius EV mode kicks out at 28 mph, so we are already WAY past that!

Time for an Ammeter!

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