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Nice grill block. Lexan over the fog light holes could be good if you can find a neat clean way to mount it.

I too am skeptical about the fan delete. I recognize that you will stay aware of the temperature status but even one time overheating is too many. One day the car will go to a shop or your gf will need it for something or your mom will borrow it back or... whatever. And they may "forget" or just not care to watch out for overheating.

Now my old dd had a mechanical fan that spun always (slowly unless engine got very hot); I removed it and replaced with electric. I saved on the energy used to spin the fan and also the silly extra cooling it always created. Thankfully most cars now use electric. I think the only gain from an electric fan delete is the weight savings. Nice if you're in AK but maybe not in AL. With all due respect.
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