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Lean Burn all the way!

Ever since acquiring my SG my main effort with the HX has been to keep it in Lean Burn as much as possible when on the highway (I mostly drive on limited access roads, usually 50-60 mi each way to work).

Today with temps around 60 and the wai pulling intake air around 85-87 deg. F, it drove like a champ. Lean Burn all the way.

Went into lean burn promptly after about 1.5-2 miles of highway cruise, and stayed in LB as long as I didn't go past its usual throttle position limit of 32 TPS on the SG (which takes it into open loop operation). Even after exceeding TPS 32 or after a downhill idling coast, it went right back into LB when asked to. Also went right back into LB after a couple nearly-full-throttle accelerations to 75 in 3rd gear. It has tall gearing.

I expect 50 mpg and better in the near future.

I currently have the drivers side grill fully blocked; that's where the cat converter and a/c condenser are. I'm pretty sure that keeping the cat warm counts for a lot on this car. I've gotten occasional CEL's ref. cat, and LB status does seem to respond to heating up the cat with fuel and/or grill block.

Passenger side has the radiator; it's maybe 30% blocked at these outside temps. It seems to kick out of LB if coolant goes to 186 so I can't choke off the radiator's air flow.

Coast long and prosper.
Driving '00 Honda Insight, acquired Feb 2016.

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