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I've been wondering about an extended nose. The front of my truck is pretty flat - not 1986 Ford F150 flat, but a bluff bow to be sure. Adding some nosecone would bring the airflow up smoothly over the front.

There's enough acreage of airspace underneath to get cooling air from under the car.

I've been thinking about radiators too - and I have this forum to thank for that. Why does the radiator have to be the big, flat panel? What if the radiator were a duct filled with tubes and fins, shaped something like the A-coil in your home air conditioner? Have the circulator fan be a vanaxial blower at the apex of the A, pulling in from the front and blowing down and out at the A's rear leg. This would negate the need for a forward-facing air inlet at all, all the air would come in from below the front of the car.

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