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Designing an "eco" water system for an existing house is very different than one for new construction.

For mine, I am working around the constraints of the original building, which is a nice, but small house, and I don't want to mess up the drywall, and there is no attic or basement.

I designed the equipment to be hidden in the crawlspace, and how the water connects to the toilet, the system is more or less invisible.

If you come to my house and use the toilet, you may notice that the toilet water looks a little different. That's it. You don't have to go outside, or pour a bucket down the drain or anything like that.

My philosophy to get people to do ANYTHING - save money, conserve, etc. - is to make it as easy as possible!

Right now, my "graywater tank" is only a 30 gallon trash can. It can only hold one load of laundry water. That's enough for the toilet for 2 or 3 days. That is not long enough for the water to "go bad" or smell weird or anything. It works great.
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