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Originally Posted by bennelson View Post
... If I trim some off the block, should I do it off the bottom or the top?
Actually I think I'd take some off one of the sides - or cut a vertical opening, if you want to keep the full rectangle so it stays put.

Take a look at what's happening behind your block panel. See where the coolant enters and leaves and trim your block accordingly. My radiator has the intake at top right, and outlet at lower left, with the tubes running horizontally. So if I made a vertical gap or slot in a full size panel, that would give some cooling to all the tubes. That would make sense to me. That way if a couple tubes are blocked then the others still get some cooling.

Look at your fan(s) too. When they run they will want some air.

I think after you see how your radiator is set up you'll have a better idea of where to cut a gap in your panel.
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