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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Thanks CarloSW2.The fella that owns the business here where I use the computer says when he scans a photo,it goes into Photoshop.I've been able to download photos from my camera and email them to friends,but don't know where to send them for,as an attachment.Help?
Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
I attempted to "join" Photobucket,so I could post the photo and it seized the computer and we had to shut-down and re-boot the computer to get rid of it.------------------------------------------------------------------ If anyone can recommend an alternate hosting site,I'll try that.In the meantime,if you'll send me a PM here at ecomodder,I'll either try and scan and email the image,or mail it to you the old way.
Hi Phil.
Are you
  1. Using a computer where you work?
  2. Using a computer at a business where you pay for time on the computer/internet?
  3. Being allowed to use the computer as a favor?
If you've scanned into Photoshop, you'll need/want to save the image.
Select "Save for Web" on the File Menu.
(Part of the reason for the quiz - if your answer was - "2 Using a computer at a busines where you pay for time ...", there may be various gotchas about saving the picture.)

With regard to the photobucket problem -
Do you know what OS the computer is running? (Windows 98, Windows XP, some version of Mac, ???).
Do you know which browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari ...) and browser version you're using on that machine?
Depending on your answer to the above questions, fixing the problem with Photobucket maybe an extremely simple and easy fix - or not.

With regard to "------------------------------------------------------------------"
I always assumed those strings of dashes were just a quirk.
Seeing as you're apparently working from a computer you have limited access to, now I'm wondering if they're an unintended consequence that just as soon be rid of? If that's the case, let me know a little about what you're doing different when making the posts in which they appear.

Hope this helps.

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