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Originally Posted by RH77 View Post
Oh it's the Fairmont-based wagon -- much lighter than I thought. Great condition too! Good mileage potential.

I once owned a '79 Fairmont for a day.

4-cyl, 4-speed, Coupe. The rear suspension mount rusted through and it was about ready to give loose completely. Someone at school was selling it for $50, so I took the deal.

Planned it as a project, but it proved too rusted-out to salvage. Junked it for $75. The engine/transmission was still strong, but too much work to get it drivable back home.

Keep warm up there!

I spend most of my time derusting and undercoating all over. Very pleasantly surprised to discover that the mexican-built cars with AC also get extra factory undercoating. It was like new UNDER the floor (exterior) and inside!

I checked on the Ford Ranger History and they produced a diesel version of the same 2.3L V-4 up until 1996. I kept the V8/V4 crossmember for an eventual upgrade. The 1996 engine produced more HP and more Torque with a factory FE of 28 MPG. That's easy to improve on.
1979 Fairmont Squire (Built in Mexico), 200CI, C4 Auto.
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