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I got the controller physically in the car - not actually bolted down yet.

I hooked up the power cabling, including brushing the copper bus bars nice and shiney, and using matching 1/2 inch bolts.

I like that the 12V and go pedal connections use insulated spade connectors. I hate that they are a different (read: incompatible) brand from MY insulated spade connectors. I had to make mini connectors from scratch to be able to hook them up.

12v to the controller will be controlled from the original key-switched 12V to the ignition coil. 12V negative is just a ground to the car body.

Potentiometer wires are hooked up to the signal in wires on the controller with just some short jumpers.

I still need to get the controller into a position where I can bolt it down AND close the hood.

I also have to build a "rip-cord" going to a giant manual battery disconnect in the back seat.
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