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Today's Newbie

Howdy folks,

I joined here primarily for the electric motorcycle/car info. I've followed the electric car bandwagon since the 1970s and now I'm ready to build something. Actually I have built one electric "vehicle" ... a ride-on train. It's powered by a 24V motor, two 12V deep cycle batteries, controlled by a controller I found on the net. I should write it up if anyone's interested.

I'm a contractor, when my bad back allows it, so most of my vehicles are gas-sucking trucks. Last year I purchased an old Suzuki 300 when gas prices hit $4, it paid for itself in gas savings. Since my back went out I've taken a job maintaining my church.

My commute is four miles round-trip so range isn't an issue. I figure I'll find an old motorcycle and electrify it. If I keep the speed under 30 it would be considered a moped her in MA. I may just try the 24V system from my train since I think I have an extra set of motor/controller.

I'm also interested in creating a parallel hybrid out of one of my trucks to improve the gas mileage. Aero mods won't work for me since I need the bed open for work.

Personal info: I'm 39 (for the 12th time), I can weld and machine metal, I have a good computer background, and when my back is good I can handle most any lifting. I also belong to a good fabrication site.

Oh, and I live in western Massachusetts.

Stan Zdonick

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