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@ roflwaffle
Thats why it isn't worth it for me, I'm fine with driving a cheap work car that costs all of $14,000 and I get 38 - 42 mpg from hypermiling.

My wife on the other hand doesn't hypermile and wants something a little larger and nicer so her last car was $18,000 and the jump from that price to that of something such as the Insight is minimal and the improved mpg would be worth it.

But a lot of the 25 mpg she gets around town is wastefull such as fast food drive throughs and such.

Thing is even if I were to get her a new car we would need to keep her current one to pull my boat or box trailer around with.

NC has a per car yearly tax plus you have to consider as well as the additional car insurance for a third car.

Once her car (V6 Malibu '05) gets up to about 150k miles (90k now) I may think about it though.
Heck, since most of her traveling is short I may even consider the Volt, if GM survives that long and the bloody thing doesn't cost $30k+.
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