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A few more details about me:

1) Small cars don't bother me, I drove a Fiat 600 in 1975/6 until it died. It got around 52 MPG during the gas crunch. I've owned around 20 Fiats but the 600 was the smallest sedan. My 850 spider was smaller but it only held two people.

2) I drive a motorcycle to save gas, not like a maniac.

3) My welding skills are not that great, ugly welds but nothing has ever fallen apart.

4) I can read drawings and I've done some drafting back in the 1980s.

5) I'm pretty well versed in the laws of my state in regards to what is/isn't allowed. Massachusetts is pretty strict, three wheeled cars are NOT considered motorcycles here, unlike most states.

6) I'm online a LOT and I have my own web servers. I write RPGs in my free time.
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