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Originally Posted by Wherewolf View Post
OK fellow forum lurkers…(wow! – That sounds kind of creepy – but no offense intended!)
You are waiting for the completed version…time to help where help is needed….

I would like to start a challenge to raise some funds so we can buy what we need, when we need it, to continue this amazing project. I’ve been following along quietly for a while, but it’s time to speak up.

I challenge everyone following this thread to match my $20 donation so work can continue into Version 2. A little toasting was a minor setback, but it will drive improvments; we’ve all gleaned ideas for projects of our own, looking forward to the day when we can start building our own controllers based on all of the terrific R&D, and input from the collective mind of this forum.

$20 dollars might be a struggle to some in these troubled financial times, but you will save WAY more than that eventually. Think of it as a future investment to save you money. We will ALL benefit from your donation. In the big scheme of things, this controller is worth way more to you than: 2 tickets to the movies, 4 coffees from Starbucks, 3 packs of smokes, or a few cold adult beverages. (Not that I don’t like drinkin' mind you…..but 20 bucks worth of booze is only the first 4 or 5 drinks, and then it will cost me another $40 to cop a buzz….just not worth it anymore! )

Please accept my Challenge and donate to the cause……if you can't honestly do $20, then please do what you can and Thank You ; If you can do more than $20 , then Thank You! Thank You!

Click on or paste the link below: Then hit the DONATE button under the
"Help FIX the 144V Open Source Motor Controller!"

Green Cars: Videos and More!

Ok..ok…I’ll get off the soapbox now…..Thanks for listening! (and chipping in!)

:EDIT: If the above isn't enough reason to donate, think about this: When all is said and done, and you've built your own unit; if anything breaks, you will know EXACTLY how it was put together - because YOU built it! And THAT knowledge, which is being supplied here by many great people, is PRICELESS!

Try getting all that knowledge from those other controller makers...after you've spent $1600 on a unit....are you going to try to repair it yourself?

Here's $15.00 hope it helps. Jim
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