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You guys are so awesome! There have been 7 donations already! I'm so grateful for all of your friendship!! The improved control board parts will be here probably by Tuesday. Then I just need to get some thicker PCB and go to town! Ben, you will be driving 90 mph (once the brushes get advanced. haha) soon. Don't you worry. Just don't do it in the 15 mph zone. Otherwise, there'll have to be another fundraiser, but this time it will be to raise money for bail. haha!

Ben's next controller is going to have no compromises. I have some 3 ounce copper that I was going to settle for. Instead, I'll make sure it's the right size and right thickness. There is a really humble and quiet expert on here that never posts, but just sends emails, and he always has awesome ideas and advice about how to make it better! I'm going to try his suggestions. Fran, the professional vector drive motor controller designer from that Eastern Bloc country is also giving me really awesome suggestions and help through the EVTech list. I'm really excited!

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