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Maybe for this next one you could take some step by step pictures? I am particularly interested in your solution for the power section and how you are attaching the mosfets/diodes/heat spreader and to what. Would be really nice to see the raw materials, then pictures at each step of the way. I think you could even start a Facebook Group for your motor controller. That way you could put in lots of pictures with less restraints. Just a thought.

Also thinking once you have this thing nailed down it would be nice to be able to just click a button and have the parts list populate from several web pages opened in new windows. As I was going through the schematic and trying to round up all the pieces I was unable to determine exactly which part you were calling out. This is due mainly to ignorance, but it would be nice to just know I was getting the right stuff. Yes, all my great ideas are more work for you! Anyway, best wishes, you are the first person I have ever donated $ to on the internet. I believe.
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