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Thank you to everyone who has donated! This entire concept of open source supported by interested parties is great!

Paul, I've been working on getting you 2 each of the 4oz boards - I hope to have confirmation on Monday - I'll buy them and get them shipped directly to you as quickly as possible.

I also have a small supply of copper buss bars that I could send you - I'll need to dig them out of the barn - as I recall they are 19" long, 1/4 inch thick, and 3/4 wide? Some might have holes in them, but you can probably cut them up to the sizes you need.

When we are sure the heavier copper boards are what we want, I can proceed with ordering the full sheet of 6oz. I am wondering if you think the design is at a point where we could just have the board maker mill and drill the patterns we need for the power section?

Keep up the great work! and again, Thanks to all the supporters!

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