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Originally Posted by Roger Heuckeroth View Post
Ben do you have a freewheel diode across the main contactor? If you don't it is possible that the inductive kick back from the main contactor sent a voltage spike back to the controller board that KO'd the DC/DC converter. If this happened when you shut off the car, then when you got back and turned the key the control board was dead and so you suffered a similar fate to Paul's out of sequence failure on the bike controller.

In any case its a good idea to put a freewheel diode across the contactor coil to prevent these spikes.
Hey Roger! Don't you just love it when that happens?! Sleeping, and then BAM! That's a great idea. Ben's mailing the controller here, and I can test out the DC-DC converter to see if it's OK. What I like best about it is that it's not my fault! hahaha!

After getting some awesome design advice this morning, there were also possible problems with lots of inductance from the way the grounds were connected between the power section and the control section. I now have a cunning plan! (Black Adder) So sneaky and diabolical, that it would make small babes weep in the night! Well, actually it will just get rid of lots of inductance...

On Ben's next controller, I'm going to make sure that camera is sitting right next to me the whole time! My wife and I will photograph everything! Then, the narration can be filled in later.

Also, we have people (ok, person) that graciously numbered each and every component and made sure each component's part number existed on either digikey or mouser. I know! Both places let you save a list of parts I believe, so I could save that list, and then send it to you all, and you could just paste it into their sites for ordering purposes.

Once everything is working well, it would also be nice to have a group order, because digikey has that

1: $50
10: $25
100: $5
10000: $0.00167

sort of thing going on!

OK, how about Open ReVolt? Ben, you can still call it the Cougar.

I was sort of partial to Lil' miss mosfet, but me and darin were the only ones. Open ReVolt has that defiant, stick it to the man, feel to it. I like the idea about picking on oil platforms or gas pumps or whatever, but I don't think we should have a picture of the boston tea party throwing away curtis and altrax. hahaha! Curtis is actually really really kind and helpful on the phone.
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