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Hey all -
Thanks for the thoughts.

Lazarus - my driving is mostly City - atlanta traffic in the 'burbs - mostly 35 zones.
there is one strech of 3 miles i get up to 55 ish.

Looking at the back - it does not look to bad.

I was looking at the car the other day - I know there are some other threads about wheel size - I was thinking that smaller width wheels on the rear would allow wheel skirts to be easier to install. That and cleaning up some of the front areas would be good ( fog light area - upper grill area) i also started thinking about the under side. Next weekend going to take a closer look under the car.

I am off for Vacation ( week in Pennsylvania - taking the kids Tubing in the Pocconos ( Cammelback for the PA folks here)

I will catch you guys later.

Drive smart - and safe.


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