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Red face Magnetic engine returns

I've missed this place, even the sarcasm and the bullies. There are mostly smart people here who have figured out that I'm not scamming anyone, and some of you have kept in touch. So here is a bit of an update for anyone who cares.

The #4 prototype I was working on worked, as did all of the earlier models. That isn't sufficient. Just having an "engine" that turns round and round but produces no real power is kind of useless as anything other than a brag. The first protos put out almost as much power as Crookes Radiometer, and with almost as much use. Nice proof-of-concept, otherwise useless. They're described in my journals, but the hardware has been salvaged for further use.

After a lot of discussion of the situation with my partner, I think we finally have some grip on the problems of attaining useful power levels, and I'm proceeding to build a new version that will be able to do more than just sit there going round and round looking cool. I hope.

The website is giving me a bit of help with the funds to buy parts and pay for machining (thank God for people with foresight and the willingness to help), but it's still mostly on my own resource. I don't resent that, nor do I expect a lot of input from people who aren't willing to gamble just on my sayso.

Interestingly, the only ones willing to put serious money into the project are those who expect some ownership as a result, and that can't happen, based on our corporate charter. When we have a fully functional device, the details will be released under an open source contract .. no patents.

When that happens, anyone who wants to build one to learn or improve on it will be free to obtain the plans at duplication and shipping cost only. Probably under 10 bucks (a CD and postage don't cost much). And once you've checked it out, I think our Legal Eagles will have some kind of Associate plan for you if you want to market the licenses.

For now, I'll only say anything about progress when there is more. Michael and I are working frantically to produce a real, useful, reasonably powerful engine. Grass-cutting time approaches, and I hate the sound of gasoline lawn mowers! I do welcome any input especially about ideas for a good strong clutch system!

Until progress happens...
God Bless us all and grant us prosperity
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