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April 22: So, I did another test. After topping up the coolant (I do believe there was an air pocket last time).

Plugged in the EBH:

73F - start
76F - 10 min
83F - 20 min (hose to tank feels warm - suggests convective loop flow)
85F - 30 min (all hoses from tank hot, block warm)
89F - 40 min (hoses from tank very hot, water pump warm)

So I'm thinking there's a lot of stored heat in the coolant, but it's not flowing to the sensor as much as I'd like. A plumbing issue, perhaps?

I figure: best way to know for sure is to start the car, and get the coolant flowing past the sensor.

121F - 30 seconds after starting (@ idle)
127F - 60 seconds after starting (@ idle)

Nice. I never saw a 50F increase from the 350W external heater (+40F was about as much as it would add), after 1.5 - 2 hrs.

+50F in 40 mins is quite nice. I'll probably do another test again...
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