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Originally Posted by brihoo2k View Post
So Paul if the PCB is a success would it also be open source so that people could etch their own PCS's ? I've never stopped losing interest in this thread. It's just I've had so many irons in the fire lately that it gets hard to keep all the irons hot
You've never stopped losing interest!? That's terrible! hehe.
Yes, it will be open source! It will be such open sores that you will have to go to the special doctor that deals with "wounds that just won't heal". You can etch it yourself if you want! That sounds good to me! Heck! If you can etch a bunch cheaper than some PCB house, and then make a profit by selling them cheaper than anybody else, then the ultimate goal of cheaper electric cars is closer to being reached. No pressure, you don't have to mass produce them. I'm just saying...

My main goal is go outside and not have it stink like exhaust. I live in my mother-in-law's basement. Do you really think I would have the ability to make any wise financial decisions? hahaha!

But seriously forks, I would like to etch power sections and assemble controllers to various levels of done-ness (is that a word?) on demand for the DIYer. If I can't do it cheaper xor (hehe) better than the chinese or some other random person or company, then ship the dang stuff to them and have them do it! ya!

Just remember, keep your eye on the prize! "No stinky outsidey!!!!!!"
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