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Aircraft / watercraft / spacecraft
Modern winglets target power-robbing vorticity
Wingtip vorticity robbs power from the planes engine
Bow-wake forms as Truckee River's swift current attacks bridge foundation,Reno,NV.
Saving the bacon! Base jumpers bet their lives on aerodynamic drag.
Kayakers take the fluid dynamic shape of their boats for granted
When SUVs begin to look like their cargo,their performance and economy will take a quantum leap
In the quest for high performance,NASA cuts the elevators off the X-31 in hopes of lower drag.Vectored thrust will attempt to compensate for loss of...
Rutan's low drag VOYAGER allows around the world on one tankfull of fuel
Military pilots routinely punch through the sound barrier as shown here with US NAVY Tomcat.Condensation clouds form as heat of compression is...
Artillery ballisticians knew there was no 'sound-barrier'. Bell X-1 .50-caliber shape and all-moving tail made MACH-1 easy.
Gaullaudet shapes his plane like bird body,fish,dolphin,Eiffel cone.Breaks every speed record ( 1913 )
Streamlined aircraft strut cover used for drag reduction.Much like Eiffel's cone.
Fluid forms: nuclear sub,zeppelin,and NAVY blimp all share similar form
Belly tank, perfect low drag form.
Plan view of Focke Wulf FW190 shows teardrop tapered aftbody
NASA rocket scientists add boattail to Space Shuttle to cut drag in half
jet fuselage wingless

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