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Book illustrations
Charts, illustrations of aero concepts
ice cream cone
egg and sugar cube
GM's Sunracer (top) demonstrates low drag signature with Cd 0.12 compared with typical passenger car with Cd 0.30
Ancient water flow carves out perfectly streamined island on Mars
Just for giggles
tractor trailer configuration
Ideal nose for bus
big rig aero
'Inernal Boattailing'; As flow will separate around the aftbody of a car which has too much curvature,so will flow inside a pipe whose sidewall...
Windtunnel depiction of very 'dirty' early passenger car
Gustav Alexander Eiffel's 'ice cream cone' 20-degree tapered cone with hemispherical leading edge
aero drag formula - alternative equation for calculating aero drag
Texas Tech takes pickups into the windtunnel for surprising results, hello aeroshell!
NOTE: This data is for bias ply tires.Loads are up to 18 % less with radials
aero timeline
R.G.S.White cont'd
R.G.S.White's recipe for low drag cars ( 1968)
Walter Korff ( Lockheed) ideal low drag cooling system
Jaray's work of 1922 tops the list with Cd 0.15
3-views of same wing at different angles of attack.Far left is stalled,far right 'clean'
perfect streamlined shape in perfect streamlined flow
optimum nose configuration
distribution of drag
boat tailing effect

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